New Types of Cashless Payments You Should Try Today!

Cashless Payments

Technology in every field and sector always comes up with variations for every development. To date, cashless payments always meant credit and debit cards or demand drafts and cheques, which are also physical entities to use. But as the trade and demand rose to a global market, payments too became globalized. If you are excited to try new versions, check below the latest forms of payments you can find on many land-based and online stores to pay anytime, from anywhere!

Coupons and promo codes

These are probably the best offers in both real-world stores and online websites. Many gaming sites and established e-commerce traders offer their customers free coupons for registering on their platform or being faithful users for a long time.

You can even find many referral campaigns also offering you coupons for every new customer you bring to the business. They are generally scratch cards, codes to unlock discount offers on sites, or lottery spins in the malls to get coupons.

Mobile wallets

The new world is fast developing every other technology on mobiles and handy gadgets. The payment options now bring forth quick mobile payment apps like GPay or PayPal to directly pay using your phone. The e-wallets connect to our bank accounts, and the users can pay money through contact numbers. Several delivery apps and even WhatsApp now feature the e-wallet compatibility to spend and transfer money through mobile phones.

Mobile wallets

Even if you don’t have the contact number or email, you can pay by scanning the QR codes or bar codes available in the stores, theatres, and malls. This instant transfer now cuts our need to carry a wad of notes or search for the exact cash at the counter.

Gift tokens and free cashpoints

Customers often stick to one brand or retailer if they find their services suitable and likely. Such businesses recognize their trustworthy customers trading with them for a long time and gift them with bonuses and tokens to celebrate their faithful trust.

Online gaming and betting sites also offer free bonus spins and vouchers to use in the real-world casinos and their affiliated services, cutting off your need to pay. Though they aren’t logically any cash, they are still a new mode of cashless advantage to save your wallets.

Retail bonanza cards

If you are a regular customer of any site or store, you can perhaps have a store’s card instead of paying every time you visit. Retail shopping cards are offered in monthly and annual packages for many regular customers to pay once and use the card thence. The cards function somewhat like credit cards to allow people to use the cashless technology but spend within reliable limits.

Cryptocurrency transactions

If you want to try a new trend beyond these alternatives to using your liquid cash, cryptocurrency is the one new option you need to try. There are tons of crypto coins and reliable trading platforms to buy, exchange and invest in the emerging cryptocurrency to enjoy virtual money. Starting from retail websites, OTT subscriptions to even many malls and hotels in the real world are now accepting virtual coins for a quick trade.